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Transparent Trusted Targeting DSP
Programmatic Is Trending the World


Manage your data

All the data which you need for the proper planning of an advertising campaign is available in one interface


Explore the audience

Analyze up to 40 billion impressions per day and evaluate data on 4,000+ audience  segments


Evaluate results

Explore the data with different time intervals: from 1 minute to 24 hours

More than 25 parameters of traffic estimation

Hybrid Insights has more than 25 parameters for estimating traffic: placements, audience, geo, and others. You can look at CPC / CPM, the number of auctions, reach and buyout rate for each of the parameters

Compare different campaign strategies

With Hybrid Insights you can find out the coverage for the necessary audiences and formats of advertising (video, display, native) in selected geos, see what sizes of creatives are used there, and find out the cost of impressions

Explore the auctions' dynamics

You can analyze the dynamics of changes in the volume of the auction and the cost of displays and schedule the most appropriate time for displaying ads

Use non-standard methods

For example, check the cost of impressions on the sites you are interested in, and if CPM / CPC is too high, gather the audience of the site with Hybrid Segments and redeem it at an open auction with the right price

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