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Even top-tier brands with their own marketing teams choose APPSILON.

Simple ads won't cut it for growth.

Entrust APPSILON with intricate ad strategies and data analysis; you focus on scaling up.

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​Our marketing strategy aims to achieve short-term and long-term KPIs with meaningful gradual revenues.

  • User Acquisition

  • Global Marketing

  • Audience Targeting

  • Whale User Targeting

  • Premium Media Buying


Social Media

We'll uncover the A-Z of social media, ensuring our clients' consumers will be their most valuable assets.

  • Community Management

  • Content Planning

  • Social Listening

  • Analytics Monitoring

Data Maximizer

타게팅 광고, 경쟁사 타겟팅, 앱설치자 타겟팅, dmp, 잠재고객 타겟팅

Maximize the performance of the campaign through integration with Tier1 DMPs and audience data-mining platform

  • Over 1B+ third party data available for all niches and industries

  • Access to Korean audience and global audience

Creative & USP

커스텀 솔루션, 커스텀 모바일 앱 광고

We produce trendy but also trustworthy creatives with ad-experts and competitor-spying tech.

Our team comprises skillful experts to discover
the hidden USP of brand and deliver quality content.

  • Static Imgs: Banners, Webcomic/Webtoon,
    Promotion Posters and Social Media Ads

  • Carousel / Slide Ads

  • Video: Trailers, Teasers, and Info Graphics

  • Youtube & Google Video Partner Ads

경쟁사 타게팅, 리타게팅 지면

Media Planning & Mixing

APPSILON offers a 100% tailored media mix for each client, drawing from media buying trends of industry-leading competitors and current market trends. This approach is enhanced by integrating clients' customer behavior data within their conversion funnels, employing in-depth analytics for comprehensive insights.

  • Dedicated official marketing professionals by media partners

  • Dedicated AE, AM, and Design team

  • Premium media buying features for agency is supported

앱설치 광고, 앱광고, 앱 광고, 모바일 게임 광고, 모바일 광고
  • Influencer Marketing Platform

  • ROI Guarantee


dsp, t3dsp, 앱광고 매체, 프로그래매틱 광고
  • Self Managed Platform

  • DSP

  • SSP

  • Google ADX

  • Re-targeting Users


Your success is our valued asset. We promise mutual growth through advanced advertising data analysis and optimization service.

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